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Lander on the Acorn Archimedes

Maths (Geometry): AddVectorsWithFeedback

Name: AddVectorsWithFeedback [Show more] Type: Subroutine Category: Maths (Geometry) Summary: An unused routine that adds a delta vector to a coordinate and updates the delta with feedback from the coordinate value Deep dive: Unused code in Lander
Context: See this subroutine in context in the source code References: No direct references to this subroutine in this source file
.AddVectorsWithFeedback STMFD R13!, {R5-R6, R14} \ Store the registers that we want to use on \ the stack so they can be preserved LDMIA R0, {R2-R4} \ Fetch the coordinate into (R2, R3, R4) LDMIA R1, {R5-R6, R14} \ Fetch the delta vector into (R5, R6, R14) ADD R2, R2, R5, ASR #4 \ Set R2 = R2 + R5 / 16 \ \ So this adds a small amount of the x-delta \ to the x-coordinate SUB R5, R5, R2, ASR #4 \ Set R5 = R5 - R2 / 16 \ \ So this updates the x-delta with feedback \ from the x-coordinate ADD R3, R3, R6, ASR #4 \ Set R3 = R3 + R6 / 16 \ \ So this adds a small amount of the y-delta \ to the y-coordinate SUB R6, R6, R3, ASR #4 \ Set R6 = R6 - R3 / 16 \ \ So this updates the y-delta with feedback \ from the y-coordinate ADD R4, R4, R14, ASR #4 \ Set R4 = R4 + R14 / 16 \ \ So this adds a small amount of the z-delta \ to the z-coordinate SUB R14, R14, R4, ASR #4 \ Set R14 = R14 - R4 / 16 \ \ So this updates the z-delta with feedback \ from the z-coordinate STMIA R0, {R2-R4} \ Store the updated coordinate STMIA R1, {R5-R6, R14} \ Store the updated delta vector LDMFD R13!, {R5-R6, PC} \ Retrieve the registers that we stored on \ the stack and return from the subroutine