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Lander on the Acorn Archimedes

Score bar: PrintCurrentScore

Name: PrintCurrentScore [Show more] Type: Subroutine Category: Score bar Summary: Print the current score at the left end of the score bar
Context: See this subroutine in context in the source code References: This subroutine is called as follows: * LoseLife calls PrintCurrentScore * MainLoop calls PrintCurrentScore
.PrintCurrentScore LDR R0, [R11, #currentScore] \ Set R0 to the current score ADD R1, R11, #stringBuffer \ Set R1 = stringBuffer to use as a string \ buffer for the following call MOV R2, #19 \ Set R2 = 19, to use as the size of the \ string buffer in the following call CMP R0, #1024 \ If R0 >= 1024, set gravity = &50000, so MOVHS R4, #&50000 \ gravity increases from the starting value STRHS R4, [R11, #gravity] \ of &30000 when we reach a score of 1024 CMP R0, #1488 \ If R0 >= 1488, set gravity = &70000, so MOVHS R4, #&70000 \ gravity increases again when we reach a STRHS R4, [R11, #gravity] \ score of 1488 SWI OS_BinaryToDecimal \ Convert the unsigned number in R0 to a \ string and store it in the buffer at R1 \ with a maximum string size of R2 MOV R0, #30 \ Print a VDU 30 command to move the text SWI OS_WriteC \ cursor to the top-left corner of the \ screen MOV R0, #&0A \ Print a line feed (ASCII &0A) to move the SWI OS_WriteC \ cursor down one line, to the start of the \ second line, which is where we print the \ score bar \ We now print the contents of the string \ buffer, which updates the number of \ remaining bullets on-screen .prsc1 LDRB R0, [R1], #1 \ Print the character in the buffer at R1, SWI OS_WriteC \ incrementing R1 as we go SUBS R2, R2, #1 \ Decrement the loop counter in R2 BNE prsc1 \ Loop back to print the next character from \ the buffer until we have printed all R2 of \ them MOV R0, #&20 \ Print two spaces (ASCII &20) to ensure we SWI OS_WriteC \ remove any characters from the previous SWI OS_WriteC \ bullet count MOV PC, R14 \ Return from the subroutine