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Lander on the Acorn Archimedes

Particles: DropRocksFromTheSky

Name: DropRocksFromTheSky [Show more] Type: Subroutine Category: Particles Summary: If the score is 800 or more, then randomly drop rocks from the sky by spawning them as particles
Context: See this subroutine in context in the source code References: This subroutine is called as follows: * MainLoop calls DropRocksFromTheSky
.DropRocksFromTheSky LDR R4, [R11, #currentScore] \ Set R4 to the current score minus 800 SUBS R4, R4, #800 MOVMI PC, R14 \ If the result is negative then the current \ score is 800 or less, so return from the \ subroutine without dropping any rocks \ If we get here then the current score is \ greater than 800, so we randomly drop \ rocks from the sky STMFD R13!, {R14} \ Store the return address on the stack BL GetRandomNumbers \ Set R0 and R1 to random numbers MOV R0, R0, LSR #18 \ Scale R0 to the range 0 to 16383 CMP R0, R4 \ If R0 >= R4 then return from the LDMHSIA R13!, {PC} \ subroutine without dropping a rock, so the \ chances of a rock dropping from the sky on \ each iteration of the main loop increases \ with higher scores \ If we get here then we drop a rock from \ the sky, spawning the rock at coordinates \ (R0, R1, R2), which are set to ROCK_HEIGHT \ tiles above and PLAYER_FRONT_Z tiles \ forwards from the camera coordinates, \ which is very high in the sky above the \ ship's current position and one tile in \ front of the ship LDR R0, [R11, #xCamera] \ Set R0 = xCamera MVN R1, #ROCK_HEIGHT \ Set R1 = ~ROCK_HEIGHT \ = -(ROCK_HEIGHT + 1) LDR R2, [R11, #zCamera] \ Set R2 = zCamera - PLAYER_FRONT_Z SUB R2, R2, #PLAYER_FRONT_Z BL DropARockFromTheSky \ Drop a rock from the coordinates in \ (R0, R1, R2) by spawning it as a \ particle, albeit a very big particle with \ an associated 3D object LDMFD R13!, {PC} \ Return from the subroutine